Our Cultural Journey

Hensman Street Elementary's vision for reconciliation is based on coming together today to enrich learning for tomorrow.  Our vision is to embrace diversity and for all children to learn and celebrate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures at a local level through authentic play based experiences. Creating a society that respects diversity and celebrates relationships and connectedness links directly to our school philosophy.

We will show respect to the Wadjuk Noongar People, their lands, their cultures and traditions.  We work together as staff to build our cultural knowledge of Noongar people and share this with our school community to enrich our future generations.  Our Educators regularly engage in professional development to obtain deeper understanding and increased confidence for that knowledge to guide curriculum development.

At Hensman Street Elementary we acknowledge reconciliation to be on a continuum and recognise the importance for all children to value and learn about the cultures of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders. 

Hensman Street Elementary will continue to engage with  Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community Leaders to develop their practice and knowledge, and intentionally teach the local language with guidance from the Wadjuk Noongar people.  The children participate in regular sessions that involves them connecting with the environment and caring for the land. Our application of the Little Scientist program enables regular participation in sessions that involve connecting and caring for all: the land, animals, birds, plants and people.   As part of the research cycle children will engage the Noongar traditions through enquiry based learning practises.  

 It is our aim that through these practices Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families will feel welcome at our school, recognising  that they will be respected, culturally safe and that their voices will be valued and heard. It is our vision that all the children and families who engage in our programs will come to know the long-standing and continuing histories of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders and their stories, languages and wisdom as we celebrate diverse cultures together.