Here at Hensman Street we offer a playgroup for families wanting to familiarise their selves with our space.  It is an Educator led playgroup, where there is a strong science focus in an hands on play based approach.  Children have a chance to explore the concept, engage in some music and play whilst the parents join in, and get to know each other creating a sense of belonging to our space.   

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Is the beginning of our time into the big world of education, and it is here that the image of the child is so important.  Focusing on the Early Years Learning frameworks being, becoming and belonging we allow children the time and space to develop into who they want to become.  Our focus is on the social-emotional development of the child, the holistic being.  We encourage children to take risks, explore their environments and friendships, and to get dirty.  Our classes are single streamed at pre-kindy and have two qualified educators.  Our educators spend a lot of time building relationships with the children and families in our school, this bond shapes the direction of each class. 


Is a new additional the Hensman Street, and since its induction we have had a rich level of education occurring in this space.  As an authentic child led play based program, we are able to walk alongside the child, scaffolding their inquisitive unique minds whilst still meeting the curriculum.  As educators we have been amazed at the level of learning occurring here each day in not only the children but the families as well.   

 Pre-Primary to Year 3

our latest additional to Hensman Street has seen some of our past Kindy children move into our compulsory education years program, and being a small class we are able to focus on their individual needs and growth rates.  Strong relationships, intentional teaching, rich environments and time allow the child to begin developing into a strong learner.  We are enjoying following these children as our little school grows in years.