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HSE Acknowledgement of Country

In 2019 the staff worked together to create our own Acknowledgement of Country.

Yalakitj. Waka Baaminy. Kaadadjiny.


Ngalang kaadajiny-miya.  

Ngalak djerap, dek wer moort noyang boodja-k.


Wadjak Noongar boodja-k kalyakoorl kaaradinjy.

 barang maara-l wer barn doyintj-doyintj 

kolbang kooliny.


Ngalang kaaradiny boodja-k.



We give ourselves a moment to take a breath and remind ourselves we are all connected to our school - its land, animals, birds,

plants and people.

We thank the Wadjuk Noongar people for caring for Mother Earth for thousands of years.


We hold hands and walk together into tomorrow as we promise to care for this land.


Mother Earth will look after us.

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