Sustainability & Recycling

Hensman Street Elementary recognises the important role that education has in creating a sustainable future.  Our Environmental and Sustainability Program encourages children’s engagement with the environment by providing authentic, meaningful experiences that are embedded in everyday practice.

The children enjoy learning the process of 'seed to table' by taking care of our vegetable and herb gardens and the outdoor environment is well equipped with child friendly gardens the children take care of.  The children plant the seeds and seedlings and learn how to take care of them.  They watch them grow, harvest the fresh produce and then have fun cooking with their ingredients from the garden!  At Market Day held each month, the community can purchase the fresh herbs and vegetables and the profits are placed back into the gardens.  In addition to the vegetable and herb garden, the children take good care of the worm farms and use the 'worm tea' to fertilise the gardens - this is also sold at the schools market day.  Finally, we have recycling stations and teach the children the importance of recycling, by partnering with Terracyle we are able to recycle used Beauty products, Toothpaste products and Nespresso pods.