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Begin with Kindness

This year Hensman Street Elementary has partnered with BE YOU and AISWA (Association of Independent Schools Western Australia) on a Wellbeing Project. This project has allowed us to access current research in the area of Wellbeing and Mental Health, to celebrate what we already do on a daily basis and to discover ways to grow and make improvements for our children, families and educators.

We are committed to "Growing a mentally healthy generation"

Be You provides educators with knowledge, tools and resources to create positive, inclusive and responsive learning communities where every child, young person, educator and family is empowered to achieve their best possible mental health.

The home environment, and the families that occupy them, play a primary role on the ongoing development of children and young people. As part of our "Be You Family Action Plan" we have prioritised: Building Relationships with Families; and Promoting Mentally Healthy Communities by informing families.

A new initiative that we've begun this term is to welcome and greet you at the gate in the morning. This action may seem small but is a step towards bigger Wellbeing outcomes for us all.

  • Children are personally greeted each day as a way to help them feel valued and important at school, while having the opportunity to practise social communication skills.

  • We aim to build positive and strong relationships with you, our family members. In our busy world we seem to have less opportunity to stop and say "how are you? We hope you have a great day." So a smile, a welcome and a wish for a great day is what we want to share with you: Begin the Day with Kindness!

  • For us, we are building purposeful relationship with you which will translate into gaining greater knowledge of your children and in turn providing them with a sense of Belonging to our HSE community.

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