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Style Guide


HSE New Magpie & Circles.png
HSE New Magpie with circles & curved name.png
HSE New Magpie with circles & straight name.png

RGB 123/134/82

CYMK 56/35/78/12

HEX #7B8652


Primary Colours

Secondary Colours

RGB 226/108/48

CYMK 5/71/95/10

HEX #E26C30

RGB 123/134/82

CYMK 56/35/78/12

HEX #7B8652

RGB 232/177/35

CYMK 10/33/96/0

HEX #E8B123

RGB 112/122/130


HEX 707A82

RGB 0/175/160

CYMK 78/0/45/0


Typography and Tone

Heading 1

Page Heading

Futura Light 40px Blue

Heading 2


Futura Light 34px Black

Paragraph to describe the tone of the text for the site.

eg. Informative and Inspirational

Heading 3

Futura Light 26px Black


Futura Light 17px Black

Icons and Images

icons web.png
  • Twitter
  • HSE Pinterest
  • Hensman Street Elementary
  • Instagram - Black Circle
  • You-tube Channel

HSE Icons

Social Media Icons


HSE Images

Paragraph to describe the type of images to use on the site.

eg Children engaged in activities preferably outdoors in nature and showing the child's natural inquisitiveness.

Buttons and Forms

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