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strategic intent 2021-2024

Strategic Priority Number 1 - The Holistic Child

Goal 1 - Support the development of the whole child. 

We support the development of the whole child including their well-being and resilience. 

Goal 2 - Our children are engaged and able to drive their own learning journey.

Through our child led learning approach and the focus on the Early Years Learning Framework Principles and Practises children are encouraged to drive the direction of their learning. 

Goal 3 - We encourage the child's sense of wonder.

We embrace the why and sense of intrinsic wonder in a child's education so that they can reach their full potential.

Strategic Priority Number 2 - Philosophy through Pedagogy

Goal 1 - We encourage and support the journey of reflection in both our children and staff. 

Staff and children have regular reflection times as part of a whole school ritual.

Staff encourage children to delve deeper into their learning engagement.

Goal 2 - Our values of creativity, empathy, responsibility and belonging underpin our journey.

Our values are embedded in our daily practice, with a focus on one value per term for deeper engagement.

Goal 3 - Our children are engaged in the play to inquiry to innovation continuum.  Play is the highest form of creativity.

Our children are encouraged to maintain their creativity as they age through the early years into the primary schooling years.   Inquiry is a strong focus of children through our offsite schooling program.

Strategic Priority Number 3 - CONNECTED COMMUNITY

Goal 1 – We actively engage in a range of sustainable and community recycling initiatives. 

Partnering with our local community we are actively embracing sustainable practises.  

Goal 2 – We embrace the culture and histories of the land of the Whadjuk Noongar People.  

Our RAP committee is committed to creating our Reconciliation Action Plan.  We will continue to access and create connection with local aboriginal leaders and elders and embrace stories of the past and the creation of new journeys together.  

Goal 3 – We celebrate the diversity of families and community. 

All families are celebrated for their cultural diversity here at HSE.  Histories of our families are important in shaping our learning and becoming, into the children of the future.

Strategic Priority Number 4 - Financial Strength

Goal 1 – We foster and focus on the value of Education the HSE way.

Together we develop a business and financial plans that support the value of education.

Goal 2 – We embrace and explore all avenues for growth of our school community. 

We research and engage in all avenues to expands the schools offering and embrace community assistance in the development of the school.

Goal 3 – Our Board expertise and Financial Management is vigorous. 

Our board is adaptive and well-resourced meeting the needs of the schools ongoing development and expansion.  Each member of the board as strong ties to community and connections to relevant sectors.

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