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Play. Inquire. Innovate.

Children are naturally inquisitive and curious.

Here at Hensman Street Elementary we use that curiosity as the basis for everything we do. We provide high quality play-based, authentic learning programs that allow children the opportunity to organise and make sense of their social worlds. Our programs allow children to take risks, build self-esteem, develop confidence and become innovative learners in any environment.

Here at Hensman Street the child is at the centre of the learning, and we follow their lead, walking alongside their learning journey.


“You’ll wish you got to stay and play!”  

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Learning that doesn't feel like learning

Hensman Street Elementary’s secret is to make the child-led learning engaging, fun and hands on, because when children’s creativity is not stifled they are open to a multitude of learning opportunities. This leads to high intrinsic motivation and instills a love of lifelong learning.

school that incorporates the whole community

Our school exposes students to authentic learning opportunities that extend beyond the front gate into all corners of our community. From weekly offsite schooling, to the sports clubs and community library, students experience everything the local environment has to offer.

The idea that learning can take place anywhere coupled with a strong sense of community is central to our students’ development.

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Building responsible sustainability

The need has never been greater to foster environmentally aware young people who behave sustainably and take personal responsibility for the plants, animals and boodja (land) around them. Our intrinsic love of nature and a focus on individual accountability means we become the change in the world we want to see.

Ngalak kaadatj ali.
(we know those who first walked)

Learning it is one thing, living it is another.

At Hensman Street we don’t just educate students about Aboriginal culture and history — we embed it. With lessons in the Noongar language sitting along side visits by Elders and Community Leaders, our coolingahs (young people) connect to boodja and experience those that came before them like no other.

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