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Pre-primary - Year 3

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As part of the school’s expansion plan, we now offer compulsory schooling up to and including Year 3 and it has been a truly rewarding experience to see the school's philosophy of education be moved into the compulsory schooling program. 


Small class sizes are a key component of our programs which allow us to focus on each child’s individual needs and development rates. This allows time for building strong relationships which together with intentional teaching and rich learning environments, supports the child’s development into a strong learner.  


Our compulsory aged children all follow the Western Australian Curriculum as provided by SCSA. Our style of education delivery is innovative and interactive and well suited to supporting a love of learning in the growing creative brains of our future leaders of society!

Pre-primary is the beginning of compulsory schooling, Pre-primary to Year 3 students attend 5 full days.    

The day runs from 8.15am to 3.00pm. Parents provide morning and afternoon tea snacks, lunch and a water bottle.  


Ready to apply?  Click the link below for our enrolment page:

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