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tanya steers - principal

Urie Bronfenbrenner once said, "Every child needs at least one adult that is irrationally crazy about him or her."  This quote has stuck with me during my journey in education.  It underpins everything I believe about children and how they learn.  Children have an innate ability to learn and wonder, and here at Hensman Street we like to foster the uniqueness of each child.  Our staff are those adults who are irrationally crazy about the children in our care, and allow them the right to learn and the right to grow. 

As a current learner I value the thirst for knowledge and empower and lead my staff on their own personal journeys in learning and education. 
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Anthea quick - Enrolments officer

Having only started at Hensman Street at the beginning of 2024, I am continuously amazed at how incredible the team is and how deeply they care about children and their education, and how learning can be delivered in a way that suits such individual needs. I am loving being involved in the enrolments process, as well as managing phone calls and emails, accounts and even tipping my toe in the fundraising pool. This is the most magical place to work, as I get to witness firsthand the growth of the children and the pride our teachers have in their little friends as they become confident and passionate learners.

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