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Autism Acceptance Month

🌟 As we kick off Autism Acceptance Month, Hensman Street Elementary is shining a spotlight on the incredible benefits of inclusive practices in education. We're proud to champion neurodiversity, recognising each individual's unique strengths and perspectives in our community.

🏞 At Hensman Street Elementary, inclusivity isn't just celebrated during Autism Acceptance Month—it's a daily commitment. Embedded in our policy and practice, it ensures that every child feels valued, supported, and empowered to thrive, regardless of their neurology.

💡 Inclusive practices not only benefit Autistic people but also enhance the educational experience for all. They promote empathy, tolerance, and collaboration, preparing students for success in an increasingly diverse world.

🌞 From improved academic outcomes to greater self-regulation skills, the advantages of inclusivity extend far beyond the classroom. By embracing neurodiversity, we're creating a more supportive environment for our children and young people and cultivating a richer, more vibrant community for everyone.

🌍 This Autism Acceptance Month, let's celebrate the power of inclusion and continue striving towards a more inclusive future for all.

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