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STEM Hour: Inquiry-based STEM projects in early learning (featuring Christy-Lee Antonas)

In this one-hour STEM Hour, we’ll explore the transformative power of inquiry-based STEM projects in early learning through the lens of two exceptional child-led projects. Our guest speakers are Christy-Lee Antonas from Hensman Street Elementary (Perth, WA) and Dee Wilde and Tash Huddy from Blaxland Preschool (Leura, NSW).

Hensman Street Elementary was awarded the 2022 Little Scientists STEM Award (WA) for their project “Ramps and Pathways”, which was inspired by their children’s love of playing with loose parts. The project provided an opportunity to deepen children’s thinking about ramps, pathways, gradients, speed, weight, and many other STEM concepts. It involved an excursion to Perth Zoo and foreshore and corresponding with the creators of the “Treehouse” book series: Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton.

To hear more, this one hour webinar is on Thursday 14th March 2024. Tickets available via the link below:

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